The Art of Nepal 2020

November 2020  17 Days

For over 2,000 years, the Kathmandu Valley was the artistic centre of the ancient trade route between India and Tibet, creating a cultural melting pot of artisans renowned as some of the finest in the world.

Today, Kathmandu remains an enormous treasure trove of architecture, paintings, sculpture, woodcarvings, textiles, jewellery, furniture and more.    

Pack your journal, sketchbook or camera and prepare to be awe-inspired. 

Our unique 'Art Of Nepal' journey will completely immerse you in the centre of this creative world, combined with the joy and chaos of the 5 day Tihar festival and Newari New Year.  


Designed for art lovers and artists alike, you will be introduced to artisans of all persuasions, experts in their ancient crafts, with the chance to see them at work and have some hands-on play.  

Participate in all the festivities with local communities and families, celebrate the Newari New Year and perform your own Mha Puja.  

Throughout this journey, you will spend your evenings in beautiful boutique and heritage accomodation.

Whether getting lost in the back lanes, crafting with an artisan, dancing with the locals or just sitting and watching the world go by, this slow journey allows you to engage in local life and discover the real Nepal

Rough Itinerary Outline

Day 1    

Depart Australia 

Day 2

Arrive Nepal and transfer to Hattiban Resort, set in the hills above Kathmandu.

Day 3   

Relax after the flight and enjoy amazing views of the Kathmandu valley and surrounding mountains.  Guided walks, monasteries, massage, spa and organic coffee are all on offer.

Day 4 -6

On the way to Bhaktapur, stop at Bungamati, a traditional Newari village.  Visit Raj Bhai Shakya's woodcarving workshop and wander the lanes where artists of all persuasions work.  Stopping and exploring the myriad works of emerging 'street art' is available throughout the whole journey.

Art is everywhere in Bhaktapur.   Explore its museums, centuries old temples and back lanes.  Visit potters, sculptors, a living goddess and feast on King Curd and momos.  Join a Newari family in their home to perform Mha Puja and share a traditional Bhoj meal.

Day 7  

Visit the Association for Craft Producers and Fair Trade Shops, then transfer to the artistic hub of Kathmandu, Patan (City of Beauty).

Day 8  

The five day Tihar festival commences with Kaag, 'Day of the Crow' and everyday we join the festivities.  Continue to explore Patan on foot, its arts and architecture before a demonstration of the different sound therapy techniques practised with hand forged, singing bowls


Day 9    

Today is Kukur, 'Day of the Dog'.  Learn about the skills from the artisans of two ancient crafts, 'wax casting' for fine metal craft and intricate stone carving.  For dinner, cook up a storm in a Momo (Tibetan dumplings) class

Day 10   

Laxmi Puja and Gai Tihar, 'Day of the Cow'.    Discover the colourful artwork produced by the Maithili women of Nepal and play with the techniques and motifs passed on from mother to daughter over thousands of years.  

Gain an appreciation of the complex and time consuming process to create stunning hand crafted carpets and a chance to buy direct from the makers.

Learn how to create a rangoli (mandala) and join the locals in welcoming Laxmi by decorating the street with your own creations

Day 11   

Mah Puja and Newari New Year.  A day to relax and enjoy the festivities in the decorated streets and squares of Patan. 

Day 12  

Bhai Tikka (Day of the Brother).  Come together with a family in their home and join in all the ceremonies.  Then celebrate with new found friends over a home cooked lunch.

Day 13

Visit the valley's oldest and holiest temple, Swayambhunath, and its surrounding monasteries, shrines, and artists, that carve the 'mani stones' covering the pathways.  swayambhunath

Transfer to Boudha, the heart of Kathmandu's thriving Tibetan community.  Study the monastery art, meditate and take part in a Kora around the majestic 14th century Stupa. 

Day 14 

Workshop in the ancient Tibetan art of Thangka painting, in which the entire Buddhist philosophy can be explained.  Can remain painting for the rest of the day or walk to the Hindu temple complex of Pashupatinath.

Day 15 

Guided visits of the growing, contemporary art galleries reflecting how the new-wave artists view Nepal's future.  Farewell dinner with guides to celebrate the journey.

Day 16 

Chance for a last early morning Kora and blessings.  Transfer to airport, depart Nepal


Day 17

Arrive Australia

* We are constantly working with our amazing artists and their availability during festival time, to guide you in your adventure.  This means the days we will be participating in the activities above might change their order.

Bhaktapur, Nepal