Sera Monastery in Tibet, once home to more than 5,000 monks.

Sera Monastery

Founded in 1419 and once the home to more than 5000 monks, the monastery is nestled in a picturesque spot at the base of Mt Purbuchok.  Covering 28-acres, Sera is rich with ancient buildings and relics including chortens, statues and sand mandalas.  The breathtaking 2,000 square meter main assembly hall, supported by 125 pillars of varying heights is filled with thangkas lit by shafts of light.

Circumambulate the perimeter of the monastery with the pilgrims and be rewarded with beautiful rock paintings and spectacular views of Sera and Lhasa beyond.

Most days the remaining 300 monks gather in the courtyard or a lively battle of words using a variety of gestures including, clapping their hands, pushing their partner for an answer, or plucking their prayer beads to win the virtue of the Buddha.