Want to travel carbon neutral?

Travel brings understanding and acceptance. It breaks down bigotry, celebrates our differences and reminds us that we all share a common bond. Sometimes travellers play a part in getting messages of tyranny or repression out into the world, which can help fight injustices. The world needs travellers.

But travellers now face a new issue, climate change.

Thankfully we can do something about it, allowing us to continue sharing our cultures and dreams through travel, but it does mean we all need to take responsibility and reduce our polluting.

At WLJ, we have started on our journey, to offer you a carbon neutral travel business. From our office to your travels, we will seek out reusable energy and reduce as much waste as possible, and what we can’t reduce, we will offset. Your flights, taxi rides, bus journeys, water containers, and hopefully the carbon emissions of all our providers.

Some say offsets are not the way to go, but we have no choice. We can’t possibly hope to reduce every emission that we make, but through investing in projects with qualified carbon credits, we will be on the way to a low carbon world. We can’t afford not to do it and the crazy thing is, it’s not going to be expensive. We will keep you up to date with our progress.

WLJ is committed to making a difference, and by travelling with us, you can start your journey towards less carbon consumption. Every little bit helps so, join us, travel, and change the world.