Painting of four friends on temple wall in Bhutan

Partners in Travel

One of the secrets to the incredible adventures that WLJ offers each year, is our amazing partners and we only choose people that we entrust with our personal travel preparations.

We are proud of our partners, not only because are they are all passionate about providing you with the best experience, but because they are amazing people in their own right. 

David's personal travel experiences are unique, exciting, and something that you cannot get from a book or the internet.  Having worked in travel for 30 years and visited all continents on the planet, David's personal experience allows him to create amazing itineraries and adventures for our clients. He will look after all your ongoing travel needs and has no bias to the destination, the style or the cost, when planning & creating the rest of your holidays.

Aside from his racing background, Ben has worked on bikes belonging to professional ironman tri-athletes and pro-tour cyclists, as well as offering neutral race support at some of Australia’s biggest mountain bike stage races including Terra Australis and Gravity 12 Hour.  He offers, honest, reliable, and bespoke (pardon the pun!) service where attention to detail is prioritised over the volume of jobs coming through the door.  His extensive, first-hand knowledge of bikes across the entire spectrum, means he can quickly identify any issues that need to be addressed.  Ben prides himself on exceptional levels of customer service and the relationships he builds with his clients.

We often wait until we are on holiday to try and recover from the daily stresses of life and then jump straight back into the fire on our return.  Isn't it better to make your health and wellbeing a continual practise?  Phoenix Yoga Studios can help you to reinvent your health and rejuvenate your body and mind, through yoga, meditation, and mindful action.  It offers a broad range of styles and levels, allowing for gradual, progressive, and individualised instruction.  And, to complement your practice, Phoenix has a Finnish Sauna and a wellness room offering Ayurvedic Massage, Indian Face Massage, Shiatsu and Reiki.  Phoenix is an inspiring, personal studio where the teachers will know your name.

Paul Turner, Osteopath

Paul treats people to develop more self awareness and healthier patterns of functioning.  Rather than assess only the musculoskeletal system, he likes to add an awareness of how the other elements of your physical body and being, are effecting your health and wellness.  By looking at these relationships (as well as assessing for past trauma patterns within the body and their influence on the present issue), Paul finds it easier to understand what is happening in any individual case and thus treat for better and longer lasting results

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