Wanderlust Journey gropu celebrating Holi festival with local villages in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Group Journeys

We do travel differently

Wanderlust 'Group' Journeys, are the chance to travel with like-minded people who are passionate about the journey rather than the destination.  Each year we craft exciting, new adventures.


Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, off-road adventurer or prefer your travel slow and comfortable, we have the trip for you.

Our current group trips include | Picnics with Tibetan Nomads | Ancient religious and cultural festivals | Cycling one of the most remote parts of the world | Exploring with local artisans while lighting your path during the 5 day Tihar festival.


Soon we will be offering | a tantalising Himalayan culinary adventure | and wellness packages 


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Want to be among the first cyclists in the world to shred the high altitude, single tracks of arguably the harshest and most remote parts of the world?  Of course you do!  

Join Ben the Bike Tech to ride in the Forbidden Kingdom of Upper Mustang, along the millennia-old trade routes between Tibet and Nepal.  

Be prepared to explore new routes, solitary trails, and ancient side-tracks that have never seen a bike before.  Ride through eroded hillsides, along majestic valleys, by glacial moraines, and in and around stunning rock formations where over ten thousand caves dot the landscape.  These trails are unlike anything you’ve had pass under your machine before. 

You’ll also be exploring one of the richest cultures on the planet where the villages and monasteries are treasure troves of Tibetan art and culture.  

This is mountain biking back to its original purity. No groomed or machine-built trails with berms on this trip. You'll be seeing sheer vertical drops, naturally-formed rock gardens, off camber, and switchbacks, with a few gut-busting grinders that will turn you inside out.

This is a tailor-made trip, totally immersing you in Himalayan life, while challenging your abilities and cleansing your mind from the madness of day-to-day living. 

Check out the full Itinerary and Video here

Giant Thanka, Shoton Festival, Drepung Monestary, Tibet

Join all of Lhasa in the early morning for the annual unfurling of the giant thangka, picnic with nomads, try and tune your ears to Tibetan opera, learn traditional Tibetan medicne and explore the markets, temples and southern towns of Tsedang, Gyantsye and Shigastse.

Our 'Shoton Festival' journey places you right in the middle of all the festivities, sharing with the locals in celebrating this week-long, ancient Buddhist festival. 

Close up of beautiful paint work on a rickshaw in Nepal

Throughout time, crafts have served as way for societies to create symbolic reflections of their daily lives and preserve their tradition and culture. 

Centred around the chaos and sheer joy of Tihar (Festival of Lights), 'The Art of Nepal' brings together exceptional artisans, skilled travel guides and local experts, combined with sumptuous accommodation in historic buildings, culinary adventures, art workshops and fun.

Let our slow journey immerse you in this ancient culture and awaken your creative spirit.  You won’t need any artistic expertise, just curiosity, a love of art and a sense of adventure

Street market, vegetable stall in Asan Tole, with owner, Kathmandu, Nepal

Lots of work is currently being done behind the scenes to create a slow-cooked, culinary journey around Kathmandu, exploring the foods of Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan. 


Awaken all your senses visiting farms and markets, mixing spices and cooking in cafes, restaurants, street stalls and homes.  Then most importantly, share your creations together.


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