3 nepalese boys, Kumbeshwar Technical school, Patan, Nepal

Giving Back

Returning the Love

The people in the countries we visit give us so much, often when they have so little.  Every WLJ trip provides a portion of the fare directly back into the local community and many of our travellers have the chance to visit and spend time with the recipients.   


At the moment we are focussing on the Shree Shringery Community School, in Sisnery village, near Kathmandu.   But soon we hope to commence a charitable arm to our company to allow for a wider reach to help those most in need.

WLJ deals directly with those in need in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.  Wherever possible we avoid paying government or large aid agencies so that the money goes further.  To ensure that every dollar goes directly to the need identified, we only make milestone payments, when each agreed stage in the statement-of-works is signed off.


20 years ago after one of the villagers recognised the dire need and donated some land, the Shree Shringery Community school in Sisnery was established.  Located on the banks of the Shringamati River and surrounded by dense forest, the school has over 225 students from prep to year 12, and 17 teachers. It's aim, is to provide a quality education for children from poor or marginalised backgrounds.  In some cases the school pays the parents, so the parents can pay for workers, freeing their children to attend class.

Funding is always tight, with the government only providing the salaries for around half of the teachers and the 2015 earthquake caused substantial structural damage.   Therefore the school relies heavily on donations from within Nepal and overseas, to continue to provide for all the disadvantaged children in the area.  

Shree Shringery offers an amazing education despite the challenges.  In 2010 they had their first students attend and successfully complete the final year12, School Leaving Certificate exams.  The school continues to win prestigious district community student and teacher awards every year.  

The money we raise and the visits from our travellers go a long way to helping Shree Shringery continue to survive and grow with the needs of the local community.