Prayer Flags, Bhutan

About Us

Wanderlust Journeys was born from a shared passion of experiencing life through art and travel.  

There is more to travel than ticking off sights, as wonderful as they are, it is the people and the culture that you connect with and long remember.  At WLJ we love helping you get under the skin of a country, to take away an understanding, rather than just memories.  

As passionate travellers ourselves, we love making friends around the world and it’s with their help and incredible local knowledge, that we are able to create amazing trips for you.  


A lot of care is put into researching and planning our group trips, with each one a unique adventure, that enables you to tap into the local culture.  And we especially love creating bespoke trips, whether just for yourself, or with your family and friends.   

Whatever your preferred way of travelling is, feel free to chat with us so we can help create the perfect journey for you. 

Kristy Lea

Sharing with Nepali friends

With a serious case of wanderlust and an archaeology degree under her arm, Kristy set off to see the world at 22 years of age, only making it as far as Darwin, before life set her on a different course that kept her busy for years to come.


She finally headed off overseas at 38, first landing in Singapore before the culture shock of remote Sumatra hit!  It was an incredible introduction to travel and spending time in small villages where tourism was unknown, she became somewhat of a celebrity.


By now the burning desire to continue traveling, be awe-inspired and immersed in other cultures, had really taken hold. 


Nepal was always on her ‘bucket list’ and on landing the first time, she instantly fell in love with the landscape, the culture and the people. Return trips to Nepal and then, the unique Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, left her with a passionate wish to share this part of the world with everyone.

Peter Baiguerra

Buddhist nun giving blessing

Peter began organising travel groups at a young age, starting with ski trips to New Zealand.  He has since travelled extensively throughout Asia, returning especially to Nepal many times. 


He organised one of the first busloads of foreigners to cross Tibet and later formed the company ‘Trek Nepal’, taking many others to his favourite part of the world. 

Some of his many adventures include white water rafting the Zanskar and Indus rivers in northern India, exploring the then untouched Dopla region in Western Nepal, cave guiding and abseil instructing.  He’s completed 17 Oxfam Trailwalkers around Australia (so far!).